Pretty soon, I will play bass synth for one of my band Bengale. Until now, I was only playing guitar bass, not synth. Now, the sounds of the coming soon album need some synthetic waves. No worries, I play synthes for my other band Reverence so it won’t be hard.
But what I did not want not lose in Bengale, is the ability to play standing up, in front of the crown. I dont want to sit down to play my new parts. That is why I thought about a new way to play my parts and it came with the form of the Keytar.


My favorite method to make something out of wood is first to draw something on a paper with the maximum informations and then use my tools to make it alive.
That time, I could not draw something cool. Nothing came into my mind. So I looked behind me, to my wasted wood and thought that I could try to improvise something.

My synth is pretty small, it’s actually an usb controller very useful that will be plugged to my Mac. I wanted to be able to place it or remove it in a second if I want to change the config during the show.
Here is the prototype just to get the feeling of the keytar.

IMG_5110 2

Then came some very funny steps…

Photo le 11-01-2017 à 12.54 #2

Photo le 11-01-2017 à 14.23

Photo le 11-01-2017 à 16.26 #2

After that, it was time to add some color with a dark varnish. And in the same time, I varnished my desk too !

Finally my Keytar is looking like that.

I used doors locker to attach my keyboard. It is very convenient, fun, but also pretty cheap !

Now, I would like to add some midi straps on the neck to be able to control pitch and modulation but I could not find any solution on the internet. If you have an idea about that, you’re more than welcome to tell me about it !