DIY : Repair Old Super 8 Camera With Raspberry Pi

Following the ideas of that project, repairing an old and out of service Super 8 changing all the inside by electronics and Raspberry Pi, I decided to make a better version of it.


I have all the components gathered.
I need :

  • Skeleton of old Super 8
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Camera
  • Camera Ribbon Adapter for Raspberry Zero
  • Batteries 3,7V /600mAh
  • AptoFun Mini USB 600mA 0.9V


The big question before trying to put everything in the old Skeleton. Will this AptoFun (with only 600mA) be enough for powering the Raspberry Zero + the Camera.
The Raspberry zero all alone with that poor power supply. As soon as I plug the camera, the Raspberry Shutdown and restart in loop without stabilizing itself… What a shame…

I needed the camera finished before my trip to Italia with my band to bring back cool images… That’s a failure… I have ordered a new power boost on Amazon that will be enough that time, I hope.

My consolation tonight is that my mother played with my Arcade Bartop and had a really good fun playing the game of my childhood. Sonic, you’re the real MVP.