DIY Wood Screen Support

Last day, I was going back home with the hand full with the school desk that I bought. It was heavy but still okay, I only had 15 min to walk before I get home. It was a desk to put my DIY Bartop.


On my way, I found on the ground a beautiful wood board. I was already carrying something and the board was pretty heavy (dense wood)… There was a big dilemma because I knew that I could do something good with that board. I was thinking about a support for my screen in order to have it a little bit higher so that I can use my laptop on the desk and my big screen as a secondary one just above.

Processed with VSCO with k1 preset

At the end, I took both ! The desk and the board. I was sweating very hard and it was a very bad moment but at the end, when I reached the 5th floor of my building, I was very happy.

Then, what I had to do was to cut the board and make it the way you can see it on the picture above. I tried with a saw… Too hard. That’s why the day after, I bought my first jigsaw ! I feel like an adult now ! This so fulfilling ! With the jigsaw I cut everything without any problem.



Even with the quickest saw, it was a very slow progression ! The board is very thick. I put dust everywhere in my room, I was a pain in the *ss to clean up everything. I have to buy the extension of the jigsaw that allow you to aspirate everything.

Before gluing everything together, I wanted to have a very soft top so I sanded down everything with a big paper first and then with a thin one.


Then I added some polish on the top to feed the wood and make it more beautiful.


And voila ! My screen is now higher and I can slide down a small keyboard that I can slide back when I want to record some songs !


You can also put some stuffs on it that makes a good decoration.

Have a good day !