Old Radio With Bluetooth

That month, I have fallen in love with that old but beautiful French Radio. It comes from the 50′ and it’s very fun to read so many components MADE IN FRANCE. All the resistors, the transistors, power supply, monitor are labelled like that.
A good old product which still works very well ! You can listen to the radio with the sound coming from the lamp amplifier inside it. It’s very warm and cool.


I bought that radio on LeBonCoin for 75€ with only one thing in mind. I will put a bluetooth receiver on the inside to listen to the music I want from my iPhone or my computer !
I wanted to transform that beautiful radio in a Marshall-like bluetooth monitor.


After opening the monster, I found the interesting wires. They were labelled P-U for Pick-UP which was the term used for the AUX channel. I soldered a jack on that pin-point and then I plugged the jack in the bluetooth receiver hidden inside the radio.

You can reproduce this project very easily. The only troublesome part is to find a good bluetooth receiver. I had to send back two of them to amazon because the sound was shit !

I would advise you that one from Amazon. My third and last try. It is excellent.

But forget about that one which is the worst thing that I have ordered on Amazon yet.

Hope you’ll like it ! If you want to check the sound come to my house in Paris with your playlist and some tea !