Generation What

Generation What is the internationalisation of the French Website Generation Quoi.
Generation What the first survey drawing a portrait of a whole generation…

In this project that we did with my friend Quentin Thiaucourt as freelances for, we re-built the website from scratch because the last version was not designed well designed enough and would not have been able to handle the huge requests that you can find on the website. There is a lot of real-time statistics over a huge database which contain the billion of answers across the entire world. A very big challenge for us that never before experienced big data issues. For example, go check this page which shows real time statistics for all the european countries. The informations are pretty shown on a map. It is very interesting and was one of the great challenge of that website.

We learnt a lot in this project, it was very cool to work in pair with Quentin Thiaucourt for the excellent Team of Great people, for a successful project !

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