Skills Demo : Myspace 2.0

My own band in which I record everything in my room is called Révérence.
When I was younger there were a platform appreciated by all the musicians called
Before everybody deserts myspace to go to Facebook, it was a great place when you could customise your page as you wish and share all the music you make.
I had a really great time in this platform. Now it has been bought by Justin Timberlake who tried to save the website from sicking more and more but it has never regain its old fame.
That’s why, by pure nostalgia and challenge, I decided to recreate the Old Myspace including the famous MP3 Player ! Everything is made with HTML5/CSS3 (InuitCSS), powered by WordPress and connected to the Soundcloud API for the music and the counter.
It was really fun to do and I hope you will enjoy the idea.
It’s a good opportunity to discover my music too !

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