With the leftover of the beautiful wood board that I found in the street for the Wood Screen Support project I wanted to make something else. A decoration thing but did not really know what.
Then I saw that video…

A cover of an old French song called Cactus. You don’t get it? Yes! I am going to make I wooden cactus!


It is the second cactus that I make from wood. I will show you one day the first one if I can take a picture of it. It was a gift so I no longer have it. I wanted to make a very geometric cactus with no rounded corners. A cactus with no spins but sharp edges. I did not have much wood left so no mistake were allowed.

I drew the design on a paper. Let’s see how complex it was !

My very sophisticated sketches for the wooden pixel cactus project

Very sophisticated isn’t it ?

Some facts about the project

It was a short project, it took me about 2 hours but it was very fun. There are some interesting facts to know. I have moved in pretty recently so I lack of lot of thing. Especially pens. I don’t have pencil so it is very hard to draw lines for the cutting parts. I don’t have pencils but I do have repositionable tape! I used it to trace everything.

The base and the trunk

The base and the are assembled with a screw. It allows me to turn the trunk in every direction I want on the base which would have been impossible with glue.

The trunk and the cactus branches

I don’t know if there is a word for cactus branch. I don’t know it in French so I can’t look for it in english. But if you know it, you are more than welcome to tell me!

So I glued the cactus and his branches. I did a stupid mistake. At first I glued the bottom branch, which is the biggest. Then I wanted to glue the second one at the top, which is the smallest, but I could not find room to put the clamp! The first one was blocking it and if I had put the clamp over the first, it would have broke… I mean, the glue would not have been strong enough…

So I had to remove the bottom branch, then put the top one, and glue again the bottom one! SILLY!

Once the cactus was put on the base thanks to the screw, the project was over. I am pretty happy with the result. I just wander if I should varnish it… We’ll see !

Have a good day !